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Small Is Beautiful #28

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Want to skip past Aral working around the Node.js web site 404ing on the Node binary Kitten uses and get to the good part where we build a faux blog with comments using Kitten? Jump to the 19 minute mark.

What’s new in Kitten this month?

Markdown support, new HTML validator, and HTML renderer improvements.

Broadcast on March 16, 2023.

Join Laura and Aral for a demonstration of what’s new in Kitten since last month’s stream.

This includes comprehensive Markdown support with syntax highlighting, table of contents generation, typographical niceties, etc., and the new HTML validator.

The HTML renderer has also been improved and inlined. It’s now more forgiving, safe by default, and now renders preformatted elements properly.

Finally, we have a couple of new authoring idioms: safelyAddHtml() for including untrusted HTML in your pages and class-prefixed CSS to scope styles to components.

Streamed using our own Owncast instance. (Hint: you can install Owncast using Site.js.)

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