Small Technology Foundation


We’re a tiny and independent two-person not-for-profit based in Ireland.

We are building the Small Web.

No, it’s not web3, it’s web0.

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Small Technology

Small Technology is everyday tools for everyday people designed to increase human welfare, not corporate profits.

Small Tech is…

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Small Web


The Small Web is a public space comprised of places you own and control.

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What we do

Our main activity is research and development. We also spend some of our time on advocacy, awareness raising, and education.

  1. Research and development.

    We are building the Small Web, a public space comprised of places that are owned and controlled by individuals. We’ve been working towards this for the last seven years.

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  2. Advocacy, raising awareness, and education.

    We advocate for Small Tech as the antidote to Big Tech and surveillance capitalism.

    We give talks, write articles and books, and give media interviews.

All the technology we produce is released under free and open licenses (mainly, AGPL version 3.0).

Our active projects are on Codeberg – see Small Tech (general), Kitten, Domain – with older projects still accessible from our self-hosted GitLab instance.

Published work

Rather watch a video?

Here’s a talk we gave at the ThinkAbout Conference in May, 2019 that summarises the problem we’re working to solve and introduces the solution we’re exploring.

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